What to expect at Oomph -our guidelines- 

BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE- We will follow the KDHE travel-related quarantine rules. If you have traveled to any of the quarantine areas in the last 14 days, you will need to reschedule your appointment. If you have a temperature or anyone in your household has a temperature you will need to reschedule. If you have any symptoms of covid-19 you will need to reschedule. We realize it is allergy season which unfortunately can appear as covid symptoms. Please try to plan the best time to take any allergy meds to work with your appointment time. 

Arrival- Do not enter the salon. Follow instruction on the sign out front and return to your car. If more than one person in your car has an appointment they will be called into the salon individually. (Instruction for small children will be below). A person is not allowed into the salon until they are immediately going to be sitting in the styling chair. Family members that also have appointments must stay outside of the salon until it is their turn. 

Entering the salon– It is required for all stylists AND customers to wear masks at all times while inside the salon. Customers MUST WEAR EAR LOOP masks. Please understand if you are getting your hair colored, your mask may get color on it and we are not responsible for damaged masks. If you do not have ear loop masks, we will have a limited supply of masks that can be purchased. (cloth and disposable). 

During your service – Please continue to follow the 6ft social distancing guidelines with other customers. You are not allowed to drop your mask down at anytime. Your mask needs to remain on your face the entire time. 

Checking out/appointment making- -To prevent crowding at the desk, you can schedule your next appointment with your service provider at their station if time allows. We would prefer this method, calling or emailing us. -Paying for your service. We are requesting for people to refrain from paying with cash to minimize hand contact. You can continue to pay with a credit card or check. New options to reduce contact are to pay through Cash App, Venmo, or PayPal to prevent having to use the credit card machine and touch screen. If the amount you pay is greater than the service total, the extra amount will automatically be considered a tip for your service provider. 

Children/the salon/services- Children at any age are not allowed in the salon unless they have an appointment. They are only allowed in the salon when they are actually in the styling chair getting their service done. If you have children with back to back appointment times…the parent will need to remain outside with the child that is not getting their hair done. 1 parent can be in the salon with one child (that is not old enough to be alone in the salon) while the child is getting their haircut. If a parent is getting their hair done, they are not allowed to bring children with them to the appointment (regardless of age). Please schedule your children’s appointments accordingly to follow these guidelines.