The Owner, Leah

Leah, Tim, Tyler and Kennedy

How We Came to Be

“I wanted to do something different,” comments owner and founder Leah Wells. She goes on to describe what lead her to this moment in her life, “After doing hair for 22 years, I wanted to create a salon pieced together by the key things both stylists and clients crave most. At Oomph Salon we figured out how to deliver the experience you long for at a salon while supplying high level stylists with everything they deserve.“

From the moment Wells took the plunge of making her dream come to life she knew it would require breaking the industry mold and doing something different for both stylists and clients. She’d experienced many salon layouts and business models over the years and determined to take the best of the best, put it all one place, and make it even better.

The outcome was a salon custom designed by Wells to seamlessly combine function, fun, and class. “When you start from scratch and design a salon for both your stylist and your client everybody’s happy,“ Wells says. She goes on to describe why she’s so passionate about how a fun and functional salon benefits everyone, “The customer gets the privacy they’re after. The stylist gets a larger than average space with industry specific high end lighting, visibility, and a highly functional work space (which attracts high level stylists to hire). That makes everyone in the building happy. And that, is a very drawing atmosphere for everyone.”

A unique part of Oomph Salon’s design is incorporating a technology forward way of thinking. With a media bar in the processing area with free wifi offering  you the ability to easily get work done while your color is processing. If you are in the mood to relax, sit back in our leather loungers, read a magazine with a warm cup of tea.

“The best design, tech, and equipment are necessities in a salon, but they only go so far in giving people the experience they want,” says Wells. She goes on to to explain a few changes she’s seen in the salon industry and how it influenced the concept of Oomph Salon, “In my opinion the industry has undergone some changes that has let some of the customer experience fall through the cracks. I wanted to have a smiling face at the door to greet customers, offer them a drink, help them in finding the products their stylist prescribed, and over time remember their names. I wanted a client to have enough space and privacy to feel comfortable, yet still experience the energy of a team of stylists who have a passion for their job.”

You can’t talk about Oomph Salon without telling the story of how the brand got its name; Oomph? Wells lights up explaining it.  “I spent a lot of time thinking about how to brand this new salon. Branding a company can be difficult!” Wells says with a laugh, “I wanted it to embody what myself and my customers experience at a salon without it being tacky. One afternoon I was thinking about the different words I use. Then suddenly it hit me, ‘OOMPH!’ It’s a word I say a lot. For years I would be doing someone’s hair and I’d say ‘you just need some more oomph.’ Stylists don’t realize it, but they say it all the time! I looked it up and the actual dictionary definition was ‘to be energetic, exciting, and physically attractive.’ Once I saw the definition I realized it was a perfect fit. I kept my branding to reflect a dictionary definition because it was crisp, clean, edgy and fun – an exact reflection of the style of salon I was building. ”

Oomph Salon is passionate about more than great hairstyles from high level stylists in a fun environment. Having lived in the Overland Park area for two decades and with children who attend school in the area Wells is very passionate about the community she lives in. “This isn’t a big chain that feels like a stranger on the block,” Wells comments, “Without the community we wouldn’t be here. It’s a part of us, and we are a part of it. We want to be something full of life; something that always brings life to those around us.” Well’s comment isn’t fluff; she even involved the community in the store’s design. By working with the photography, graphic arts, and architectural design departments of the Blue Valley CAPS program (Center for Advanced Professional Studies), Wells was able to give high school students some great real world experience in areas they’re interested in. But Wells is passionate about more than getting the community involved; she also wants to make it better through charity.  Leah is the founder of The HALO Project which stands for Hair And Love Outreach.  Every 6-7 weeks Oomph Salon opens on a Sunday to do free haircuts for area foster children. Stylists from across the city join in to help by giving their time and talent to donate free haircuts.

Had my haircut here today by Alan Reeves. Love my haircut so much I did something I’ve never done with someone that cuts my hair. I scheduled my next haircut appointment! Man knows what he is doing, gave me a nice clean cut and fade like no other has given me before. Seriously go see…

Jerry Owens

I just moved here from Chicago and was looking for a new spot b/c I had a hair emergency. Staff was wonderful. Krysta fixed my issue and was very detailed in her consultation/pricing of how she would fix. Excellent service and my hair looks great!

Jessica Cassidy

Best salon in South KC.

Calix Rodriguez